Launched in October 2015 by Keith Brown (Veterans’ Minister), Eric Fraser (Scottish Veterans’ Commissioner) and General Sir Nick Parker (SaluteMyJob’s Chairman), SVETS is a collaborative initiative between agencies in Scotland that are actively engaged in veterans’ employment.

The Scottish Veterans’ Commissioner’s recent Employability, Learning and Skills report concluded that ‘the employment prospects for the next generation of veterans should be greatly enhanced’. Encouraged by the Scottish Government’s support, SVETS’ partners seek to establish a collaborative alliance with employers to deliver a new service to link the opportunities offered by Scottish employers to suitably qualified former Service men and women.

The goal of SVETS is to support the Scottish Veterans’ Commissioner’s aspiration to:

‘Enhance the employment and self-employment prospects for the Armed Forces and veterans community in Scotland’


The objectives of SVETS also come from Eric Fraser’s findings:

  1. ‘To ensure the most is made of the skills and experience of these talented people when they leave the military’.

  2. ‘To help shift the attitudes towards, and perceptions of, veterans amongst some employers, the media and members of the public, so that they are seen predominantly as net contributors and assets to Scotland’.

  3. To fill ‘some significant and well documented skills gaps in certain sectors and from demographic challenges, especially in rural and remote areas’.

  4. To capture and share data in respect of employment and self-employment.

Employers are already supporting veterans’ employment through their own programmes or wider activities. Our expectation is that, apart from their views and suggestions, employers will wish to contribute to the SVETS initiative in one or more of the following ways:

  1. Opportunities they wish to make available to Scottish veterans. These may be existing or new opportunities for SVETS to capture, distribute and match to suitably qualified transitioning or former Service men and women. Click here to view a list of the types of opportunities you may wish to consider. Any opportunities you already offer to the MOD’s Career Transition Partnership (CTP) will be incorporated into the SVETS initiative through the CTP team.
  2. Project resources (e.g. human resources, technology or marketing support or office facilities) to the project team. IBM has already agreed to grant HR technology and assessments to the project through SaluteMyJob. With your help, we propose to stand up a project team by the end of March at the latest.
  3. Funding. As you may know, Standard Life are leading the way with a £240,000 contribution over 3 years to the Scottish Veterans’ Fund, to be spent on employment. The dinner in May is aimed at encouraging other companies to follow suit, if not to the same level, then at least to contribute over a 3 – 5 year term. SVETS partners and others focussed on veterans’ employment will be eligible to bid for resources from this Fund.