Services for Scottish Veterans and transitioning Service men and women:

Our Scottish Veterans Employment and Training Service is aimed at Scottish employers and teaching them of the knowledge, skills and experience of ex-Service men and women and Reservists. However, SaluteMyJob offers a variety of useful services to ex-Military jobseekers and Reservists:

SaluteMyJob works with employers to identify - and ideally increase - their demand for ex-military people. In order to help ex-military candidates find the right job in the right organisation, they:

  • Use commercial on-line assessments to help translate military knowledge, skills and experience into the language of a commercial employer. This helps candidates understand their strengths and any gaps to fill. They also provide objective evidence of skills to employers.
  • Help candidates with CVs and interview preparation
  • Provide access to job search capabilities. Because SaluteMyJob works directly with employers, these will usually be specific jobs for ex-military people.
  • Qualify candidates to present employers with the best fit of candidate to job and organisation.
  • Veterans Employment Networking group has been created to provide professional careers advice, answer questions and enable veterans to create discussions with their fellow ex-Service men and women.

SaluteMyJob is designed to help overcome the barriers to successful employment of former Service men and women. These include skills translation, damaging perceptions and stereotypes and access to the disparate ex-military community. They are a Social Enterprise, not a charity. In SaluteMyJob's case, a social enterprise means that they provide a 'business-to-business' service to employers, for which they charge a fee for their services. Their goal is to deliver social impact, especially to drive down the estimated number of 120,000 unemployed veterans of working age in the UK. To this end, SaluteMyJob are committed to returning 51% of their profits to the ex-military community by providing support, training and expertise.